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Blocking Scheme (Pass): BOB

1 Apr

Big guys on big guys while the running check releases thru the line into a pass route.

BOB or ” Big-on-Big” is a pass protection  scheme generally involving six men – 5 OL and 1 RB – that pits offensive linemen against defensive linemen.  In other words, big guys on big guys and for the obvious reason: they’re equal in size and strength.

This, in turn, allows the running back to block a defender more his size: a linebacker or defensive back, should they blitz.

Even better though, when the defense doesn’t blitz, the running back can release into a pass route. This is called a “check release” assignment.  The running back checks first for a blitz before releasing into a short pass route.

In the pictures below, big guys are blocking big guys and the running backs are checking for a blitz, but there is none as the linebackers are dropping into coverage.  So, once they see where space in the underneath coverage will develop, they attack the open grass, giving the quarterback a checkdown option should everyone else be covered.


Notice that the running  back (#21)is checking the drops of the linebackers and will release into open grass, while the big guys are occupied blocking big guys..