Discussion: 3-Pt Stance (Defense)

18 Jul

160718 - DL stance

To pick up where we left off with our discussion of 3-pt stance on the offensive side of the ball, let’s look at the simple differences found on the defensive side. Mostly the difference can be seen in the elevation of the butt, causing a lowering of the pad level up front and the shift of some weight out over the extended hand. There’s definitely some air under the heels.

Sometimes, in the case of an edge defender like the two pictured below, the D-lineman looks like he’s in a sprinter stance to increase their speed. Generally, the closer the D-lineman is aligned to the ball, the wider his feet are.

The reason is that the defensive lineman is different from an O-lineman is that he’s coiled to explode into his gap of assignment (if in a 1-gap scheme) or the offensive lineman over which he is aligned (if in a 2-gap scheme). Unlike most offensive linemen who are routinely set as far off the ball as the rules allow, the defensive lineman is crowding the line, as seen in the pictures below. The D-lineman is seeking to penetrate or, if required, engage and shed, then pursue.

Tom Brady




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